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For hearing aid, cochlear implant, bone conduction, and pharmaceutical hearing companies, as well as retailers, payers, venture capitalists, and nonprofits addressing hearing loss.
Auditory Insight™ creates customized projects based on these services:


Formulate a growth strategy responding to OTC deregulation, product proliferation, and the convergence of audio and amplification

Corporate Strategy

Design and implement a profitable, comprehensive marketing strategy, including target markets, channels, messaging, and media

Marketing Strategy

Enhance product line based on consumer needs and bring new products to market, from concept to launch

Product Line

Create effective partnerships, both within and outside of hearing healthcare space, in an industry revolutionized with new entrants

Strategic Partnerships

Analyze consumer base, map highest growth and most profitable marketing segments and define those segments' needs

Consumer Insight

Create consumer awareness and communicate product benefits with messaging most meaningful for people with hearing loss

Communications Plan

Build an appealing and effective hearing healthcare brand based on meaningful sources of differentiation versus competition

Differentiation & Branding

Leverage the psychology of stigma and create programs to engage patients in being tested for hearing loss and fitted appropriately

Patient Engagement

Augment traditional sales channels with online merchandising and sales; meet consumers' needs for after-market service effectively

Sales and Service

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